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Sunflower Seeds

 Helianthus annuus


A common crop among American Indian tribes throughout North America. Evidence suggests that the plant was cultivated by American Indians in present-day Arizona and New Mexico about 3000 BC. Some archaeologists suggest that sunflower may have been domesticated before corn. Seed was ground or pounded into flour for cakes, mush or bread. Some tribes mixed the meal with other vegetables such as beans, squash, and corn. It is the Native Americans and the Russians who completed the early plant genetics and the North Americans who put the finishing touches on it in the form of hybridization. Those early ancestors would quickly recognize their contributions to today's commercial sunflower if they were here. Taste is tops, but health and nutrition rank high for consumers who want foods that are as good for them as they are good to eat. Sunflower oil and kernels meet that challenge with their combination of health benefits and flavor. Researchers have known that nuts and seeds are rich sources of phytosterols, a class of plant chemicals that have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and improve heart health.

In what is believed to be the most comprehensive analysis to-date of the phytosterol content of nuts and seeds, chemists at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, VA., analyzed some 27 nut and seed products that are most commonly consumed as snack foods in the United States.

The researchers found that pistachios and sunflower kernels had the highest levels of phytosterols among the nuts and seeds studied. From the National Sunflower Association.

  • American Giant Hybrid Sunflower

    American Giant Hybrid Sunflower Seeds $2.49

      Helianthus annuus |20 Seeds|    This is the tallest variety of a sunflower ever with yellow petals and a dark disc.  American Giant Hybrid grows tall and stays standing long after the others...

  • Autumn Beauty Sunflower

    Autumn Beauty Sunflower Seeds $3.95

      Helianthus annuus |50 Seeds|     Reminiscent of the colors of fall. Bold, beautiful flowers up to 8" across. Bright yellow, bronze, and purple shades with some bicolors. Also...

  • Birds Dinner Sunflower Seeds

    For the Birds Dinner Sunflower Seeds $2.49

      Helianthus annuus |20 Seeds|     The selection for these seeds are from a well accepted hybrid with pollen that will produce Black Seeds , which these are best for the high sunflower oil that has...

  • Giant Sungold Sunflower

    Giant Sungold Sunflower Seeds $1.95

      Helianthus annuus |50 Seeds|   Extremely large double golden-yellow chrysanthemum-like flowers on sturdy 5 foot plants. A superb cut flower with a massive 10-inch bloom that are stuffed wtih tiny,...

  • Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower

    Mammoth Grey Stripe Sunflower Seeds $2.49

      Helianthus annuus |50 Seeds|     Enormous Open Pollinated 10-12 feet tall sunflowers, with flower heads that are completely yellow and produce hundreds of seed that can be used...

  • Maximilian Sunflower

    Maximilian Sunflower Seeds $1.99

      Helianthus maximiliani |50 Seeds|   This sunflower is a desirable range plant, eaten by many livestock. A heavy crop of seeds is produced, thus it is also a valuable plant for birds and wildlife. It was...

  • Moonshadow Sunflower

    Moonshadow Sunflower Seeds $2.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|     Moonshadow will provide you with nearly a white sunflower. It has rare white petals with a black disc which makes it quite unique...

  • Moulin Rouge Sunflower

    Moulin Rouge Sunflower Seeds $2.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|     One of the darkest red sunflowers on the market, this excellent hybrid produces pollen-free, single-flowered blooms on tall plants. Plants...

  • Pro Cut Brilliance Sunflower

    Pro Cut Brilliance Sunflower Seeds $1.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|      New "Brilliance" replaces Pro Cut Lemon, with its yellow to orange petals and dark brown disk. Pro Cut varieties are choice...

  • Pro Cut Gold Sunflower

    Pro Cut Gold Sunflower Seeds $1.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|      Gorgeous golden yellow with yellow-green disk. Pro Cut varieties are choice selections for large scale sunflower production, as they...

  •  Pro Cut Lemon NT Sunflower

    Pro Cut Lemon NT Sunflower Seeds $1.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|     ProCut Series have solid petal colors from lemon to orange to deep red or bicolors. Easy to grow single stem sunflowers are pollenless to...

  • Pro Cut Red Sunflower

    Pro Cut Red Sunflower Seeds $1.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|     Pro Cut Red Sunflower Seeds produce flowers with muted red petals with a dark brown disk. Pro Cut varieties are choice selections for large...

  • Pro Cut Red-Lemon Bi-color Sunflower

    Pro Cut Red-Lemon Bi-color Sunflower Seeds $1.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|     Lemon and mahogany-red petals with dark brown disk. Pro Cut varieties are choice selections for large scale sunflower production, as they...

  •  Ring of Fire Sunflower

    Ring of Fire Sunflower Seeds $3.95

      Helianthus annuus |50 Seeds|     AAS winner produces attractive, stable bicolor patterned flowers on mid-height plants. The 5 to 6" single-petaled flowers develop dark red...

  • Roasting Your Own Sunflower

    Roasting Your Own Sunflower Seeds $2.49

      Helianthus annuus |20 Seeds|     Roasting your own Sunflower Seeds is a great way to have one of your favorite snacks without buying it from the store. You can control the salt levels by roasting...

  • Ruby Eclipse Sunflower Seeds AKA Strawberry Blonde

    Ruby Eclipse - AKA Strawberry Blonde Sunflower Seeds $1.99

      Helianthus annuus |50 Seeds|   A vivid addition to any collection of sunflowers. The gorgeous pollen-free 4–5" flowers with dark centers sometimes shade into pink. 6' branching plants...

  • Sunflower Sally

    Sunflower Sally Seeds $2.55

     Sunflower Sally Seeds (Packet of 25 seeds) For Kids Who Garden, Hello. I'm Sunflower Sally. Would you like to grow a crop of 2 foot tall teddy bears?  People say my big fuzzy flowers look...

  • Sunflower Sam

    Sunflower Sam Seeds $2.55

     Sunflower Sam Seeds (Packet of 75 seeds) For Kids Who Garden, Hello down there! I'm Sunflower Sam, the biggest and mightiest sunflower in the world. Does your yard or school playground have a...

  • Sunrich Gold Sunflower

    Sunrich Gold Sunflower Seeds $1.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|     Golden yellow with yellow-green central disk. Long considered the industry standard, the Sunrich varieties are ideal for cut flower...

  • Sunrich Lemon Sunflower

    Sunrich Lemon Sunflower Seeds $1.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|     Lemon yellow with dark disk.The hallmark of pollen free sunflowers for cutting, Sunrich varieties continue to be market leaders. Non-branching...

  • Sunrich Orange DMR Sunflower

    Sunrich Orange DMR Sunflower Seeds $1.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|     If downy mildew issues in your area prevent you from growing sunflowers, your problems are solved! New Sunrich Orange DMR (Downy Mildew...

  • Sunrich Summer Limoncello Sunflower

    Sunrich Summer Limoncello Sunflower Seeds $1.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|     Vibrant lemon yellow petals with creamy lemon tips surround a dark disk on the Sunrich Summer Limoncello Sunflowers. This series of sunflowers...

  • Teddy Bear Sunflower Seeds

    Teddy Bear Sunflower Seeds $1.95

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|   Big, double, fluffy teddy bear of a flower, producing very dwarf, 6 inch ultra double golden-yellow blooms. A real eye-catcher in the border, looks good in containers and...

  • The Joker Sunflower

    The Joker Sunflower Seeds $2.49

      Helianthus annuus |20 Seeds|     Nice addition for cut flowers, with its unique flower form and contrast. Semi double to fully double red and yellow bi-colored sunflowers are...

  • Velvet Queen Sunflower

    Velvet Queen Sunflower Seeds $2.50

      Helianthus annuus |20 Seeds|   Birds love these seeds, almost as much as you. Velvet Queen is so beautiful with its shades of yellow, orange and red that are ringed around a large glittered black...

  • Vincents Choice Sunflower

    Vincents Choice Sunflower Seeds $2.95

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|   Vincent's Choice Sunflowers have golden orange overlapping petals with dark brown disk.Vincent Sunflower varieties have been quickly taken up by growers. Vincent has been...

  •  Vincents Fresh Sunflower

    Vincents Fresh Sunflower Seeds $2.99

      Helianthus annuus |25 Seeds|   Vincent's Fresh Sunflowers have golden orange overlapping petals with crisp green disk..Vincent Sunflower varieties have been quickly taken up by growers. Vincent has been...