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Quinoa Seeds

Chenopodium quinoa

Quinoa has recently swept to the attention of farmers and gardeners in North America. Quinoa grows best where maximum temperatures do not exceed  90°F (32°C) and nighttime temperatures are cool. For most southern Canadian and northern U.S. sites, the best time to plant quinoa is late April to late May. When soil temperatures are around 60°F (15°C) seedlings emerge within three to four days. However, when quinoa seeds are planted in soil with night-time temperatures much above that, quinoa, like spinach, may not germinate. In this instance, it’s best to refrigerate seeds before planting.  A high protein staple green and seed “grain” from the Andean highlands. Leaves are a nice salad size with salty spinach-like flavor. Thrives in dry periods of summer.Quinoa is a mountain peoples' crop, particularly suited to marginal soils, cool nights, and dry success with quinoa "grain" comes with planting from mid-April through May. Direct seed into 24" rows. Thin to 3-4" apart in the row to produce single-headed plants that mature uniformly for harvesting in a single pass. Maximum seed yield comes from 12" or greater in-row spacing that makes a branched crop. This may require an initial harvest of primary heads, followed in another 7-14 days with a final harvest of whole plants. Harvest when seed heads are still brightly colored, and thresh with a rubbing action of the head (by hand or feet, or belt thresher). Grain is easy to clean with 1/8" and 1/16" hardware mesh, and careful winnowing.. You need to grow about 10 plants to make one pound of quinoa seed

  • Organic Brighest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa

    Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa Seed $3.95

    Brightest Brilliant Rainbow Quinoa Matures in 100 days (500 Open-pollinated seeds) A diverse selection that includes striking colors of: Hot pink to royal burgundy, red, orange, yellow, white, green, and every bright...

  • Cherry Vanilla Quinoa

    Cherry Vanilla Quinoa Seed $3.95

    Cherry Vanilla Quinoa Matures in 100 days (500 Open-pollinated seeds) This variety is so attractive in the garden with its pink and cream colored seed heads. It bears the whitest seeds off all our varieties. Cherry Vanilla...

  • French Vanilla Quinoa

    French Vanilla Quinoa Seed $3.95

    French Vanilla Quinoa Matures in 100 days (500 Open-pollinated seeds) This new variety reaches 2-2.4m (6-7′) tall. Plants produce fewer branches when spaced 30cm (12″) apart in rows 40cm (16″) apart...

  • Mint Vanilla Quinoa

    Mint Vanilla Quinoa Seed $3.95

    Mint Vanilla Quinoa Matures in 100 days (500 Open-pollinated seeds) Mint Vanilla quinoa seeds produce tall, dark green foliage topped by bright white seed heads and seeds, tinged with pale green. This variety is well...

  • Red Head Quinoa

    Red Head Quinoa Seed $3.95

    Red Head Quinoa Matures in 100 days (500 Open-pollinated seeds)   This pink/red headed quinoa has the best resistance to fall rain. Sturdy plants are high yielding as a grain crop or they can be enjoyed as baby...