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Product Description

Cleome hassleriana

|500 Seeds|



Cleome Queen Violet are easy to grow, with radiant violet flowers that are a vigorous plant, with masses of spider like flowers in rose, violet and white blooms. 4-6' tall. Package (500 seeds).

Flower Garden – Tips on Growing Cleome From Seeds

Cleome can withstand dry weather and appreciates a rich, well drained soil. Cleome mixes well with other tall flowers such as cosmos, snapdragons, or tall marigolds.White Queen nearly glows at night and complements everything in your garden.  Cleome flowers attract many butterflies and hummingbirds.

Sowing Cleome Seeds

  • BEFORE sowing seeds, chill the cleome seeds at 40ºF (4º)C for five days to encourage earlier germination.

  • Sow the seeds about 4 weeks before the last frost in your area.

  • If you cover seed- do so ever so lightly with a thin layer of medium sized vermiculite to maintain moisture levels, However Light is needed for germination.

  • Media: • pH: 5.5 – 5.8

  • Light: Light is necessary for germination. If utilizing a chamber, providing a light source of 10 – 100 foot candles, as this will improve germination and reduce stretch.

  • Temperature: Cleome needs higher than normal temperatures to germinate successfully.<u

  • Moisture: Wet (4) until radicle (Embryonic Root) emergence. Then begin alternating between moisture levels wet (4) and moist (3) until cotyledon expansion. Allow media to approach level (3) before re-saturating to level (4). Media saturated for over 12 – 14 hours can inhibit germination.

  • Humidity: 90 – 100%

  • Bulking – For optimum conditions during the vegetative period, beginning at cotyledon expansion, needed for the root to reach the edge of the plug cell.

  • Media: • pH: 5.5 – 5.8.
  • Temperature: Continue fluctuating day/night temperatures at 80° – 85°F (26° – 30°C) days and 68° – 70°F (20° – 21°C) nights.
  • Moisture: Alternate between moist (3) and medium (2). Allow media to approach level (2) before re-saturating to level (3). Media saturated for more than 12 hours may inhibit growth.
  • Germination can take 14 days at correct temperatures.





 Cleome is a strong self-seeder, and is usually planted directly in the ground around the time of your last frost, so if you are transplanting from plugs, do so at the same time, after your last frost.

USDA Hardiness Zone -First Frost Date- Last Frost Date

  • Zone 1 -July 15th -June 15th
  • Zone 2 -August 15th- May 15th
  • Zone 3 -September 15th May 15th
  • Zone 4 -September 15th May 15th
  • Zone 5 -October 15th April 15th
  • Zone 6 -October 15th April 15th
  • Zone 7 -October 15th April 15th
  • Zone 8 -November 15th March 15th
  • Zone 9 -December 15th February 15th
  • Zone 10 -December 15th January 31st (sometimes earlier)
  • Zone 11 -No frost. No frost.

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