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Jester Ornamental Millet Seeds


Jester Ornamental Millet Seeds

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Product Description

10 SeedsSpiky Purple Seedheads grow up to a foot long above the plant all the time the leaves change as the plant matures. Adds bold color to any partly shaded area.

Award winning new Ornamental Millet starts with bright chartreuse that matures through all shades of red and bronze and then to a burgundy-purple. Jester is bushier and more compact than Purple Majesty. Even a small planting is really striking. It has won the University of Georgia's Best of the Best Award for superb performance in trials. Jester is stocky and symmetircal, and as it matures at about 42 inches tall and 36 inches wide, it will have three main stalks with excellent branching. Purple Majesty is a fine companion plant  to Jester which is slightly shorter, busgier and a week or two later to flower. If you want the two to flower at the same time just sow Jester about 10 days after Purple Majesty. Jester will show itself best in temperate and warm climates, is suitable for larger containers andneed partial shade to grow.


Pennisetum glaucum


Tips on How To Grow Ornamental Millet From Seeds


  • Cover the seed with approximately 0.5 in. of media to prevent seedlings from tipping over.

  • Light is not required for germination.

  • Sowing 3 or more seeds in the center of the container is recommended.

  • Total crop time can be reduced by 2 weeks by direct sowing into the final container.

  • NOTE: Plugs allowed to become root bound or stressed by drought or nutrient deficiency will not perform well after transplanting.

  • Temperature:

  • Germination: 72 to 78°F (22 to 25°C)

  • Seed germinates in 4 to 5 days at the recommended temperatures. Temperatures below 68°F (20°C) will significantly delay germination

  • Stage 2 to 3: 68 to 72°F (20 to 22°C)

  • Keep soil evenly moist, high air humidity is not required for germinatin, you can sow seed directly on the bench or work area.
  • Light is not necessary for germination. If utilizing a chamber, providing a light source of 10 – 100 foot candles will improve germination Dramatically compared to seed germinated in the dark.
  • TRANSPLANT into your outdoor garden after danger of frost. Space outside 8-18" apart. Spacing is variety specific and all information is on our packs.
  • Moisture: Saturated for days 1 – 3 or until radicle emergence. On days 4 – 7 reduce moisture to moist . Once actively growing, begin alternating between moisture levels wet and medium . Allow media to approach dry before re-saturating to level .
  • Soil Moisture:

  • Keep soil moisture high until radicle emergence, then reduce moisture levels after the radicle penetrates the medium. Do not allow the seedlings to wilt.

  • Light: Keep light levels as high as possible. Higher light results in stronger and thicker stems and better basal branching. Young plants are green. The stem and midrib of the foliage first turn purple after about eight leaves have developed. The foliage coloration occurs when the plants are moved from the greenhouse or home to outside to full sun

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