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Peach Melba Nasturtium Seeds


Peach Melba Nasturtium Seeds

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Tropaeolum majus



 | 25 Seeds |


This is truly an unique Nasturtium that is compact with a mounding habit that is a primrose yellow with bright red markings at the throat. Height 10-12 inches. Nasturtiums attract many beneficial insects like ladybugs, lacewings, hoverflies and bees. Feed and deadhead to prolong the flowering period. Can also be grown in containers and will need a supporting frame. Some like to add to their salads, has an intense peppery flavour.

Package 25 seeds.



How to Grow Nasturtiums From Seeds

Indoor Sowing

  • Seeds can take up to two weeks to sprout, although they often germinate within seven days if prepared properly before planting.
  • Use individual 2- to 3-inch-diameter seedling pots or a larger seedling tray. Pots and trays must have drainage holes so the excess water can drain out.
  • Water the soil before you plant so it's moist.
  • Sow a single seed per pot, or plant the seeds 2 inches apart in rows set 2 inches apart in a tray.
  • Large nasturtium seeds require deep planting, so plant the seeds 1/2- to 1-inch deep in the pots.
  • Keeping the soil temperature near 70 degrees Fahrenheit and maintaining even moisture encourages quick germination.

Outdoor Sowing

  • It's possible to sow nasturtium seeds directly in the garden bed if you prepare the soil first.
  • Nasturtiums have few soil needs. Choose a well-drained bed that receives at least six hours of sunlight daily and work up to 2 inches of compost into it first to improve drainage and quality.
  • Once prepared, plant the seeds 1/2- to 1-inch deep and space them 3 inches apart.
  • The soil will require watering so the top 6 inches remains moist. Once the nasturtiums sprout, thin the plants so they have 8 to 10 inches of space on all sides.

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