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Gourd Seeds

Lagenaria siceraria


Many Garden Plants do not last long after they leave the garden, and why should they? We do not just grow vegetables for their looks, but because they provide nutritious and healthy food. We grow, we harvest and we eat. However Birdhouse Gourds just do not fit this formula. We grow them, we harvest them and then we cure them, carve them and hang them in a tree in hopes that a pair of birds will find the gourds and move into their new home. And when they do, we all take turns until the baby birds fly away. So we do not eat the birdhouse gourds, but they do provide food for the soul. Harvest time can be the most enjoying part of growing gourds, Harvest a gourd after the vines have died, which is much later than you would your squash or pumpkin. This way, the rind can cure on the vine and get good and tough. Like pumpkins, gourds require proper field spacing and pollinators to produce big yields. Space most gourds 18-24” apart in the row with 8-10’ between rows. Sufficient honeybee populations in the area are key to good pollination but the larger hardshell Lageneria types are also pollinated by moths during the evening hours. If possible, plant these types on the darkest areas of your garden or farm so that any artificial light will not distract this important pollinator.   To preserve them for better keeping, dip them in wax or shellac to help preserve their color longer. When harvested, the larger fruited gourds will have a mottle green coloring. The color will quickly fade as they dry down. The larger gourds are great for selling to crafters. Or, try selling some painted or dressed up in costumes to increase your fall sales.

  • Luffa Gourd Edible Smooth Extra Long

    Edible Gourd Smooth Extra Long Luffa Seeds $3.95

    Cucurbita cylindrica Item #V-2371.5 |  25 Seeds |   90 Days to Maturity.  This unique variety produces extra long and slender fruits, 30-40 inches long x 2 inches diameter, with dark green skin and...

  • Luffa Gourd Angled Extra Long

    Angled Gourd Extra Long Luffa Seeds $2.95

    Cucurbita cylindrica Item #V-2371.2 |  25 Seeds |   90 Days to Maturity.  The matured fruit forms sponge-like fibers inside. After the fruit matured, dried, skin and seeds removed/cleaned, fibers are...

  • Autumn Wings Blend Gourd

    Autumn Wings Blend Gourd Seeds $3.95

    Cucurbita pepo  V-2306.2| 30 Seeds |   95 Days to Maturity. a delightful assortment of deeply winged, warted pears and other shapes. The colors are vibrant and draw attention wherever they are displayed...

  • Birdhouse Gourd

    Birdhouse Gourd Seeds $3.95

    Lagenaria siceraria  V-3049| 25 Seeds |   120 Days to Maturity. Hard, smooth tan rind with flat oval base and tapered top. Most are 10-12" across and 14-16" tall. Dries and hollows out well and holds up well...

  • Daisy Gourd

    Daisy Gourd Seeds $4.95

    Cucurbita pepo  V-3051| 30 Seeds |   95 Days to Maturity. What an exciting and attractive hybrid gourd mixture,this is.  Galaxy of the Stars is an eye opener for sure, with an unique daisy pattern...

  • Luffa Gourd Edible Smooth Boy

    Edible Gourd Smooth Boy Luffa Seeds $3.95

    Cucurbita cylindrica Item #V-2371.3 |  25 Seeds |   90 Days to Maturity.  This variety grows vigorously in warm climates and is very prolific. Young fruits are good for cooking and the long matured...

  • Goblin Eggs Mix Gourd

    Goblin Eggs Mix Gourd Seeds $3.00

    Cucurbita pepo  V-2305| 25 Seeds |   95 Days to Maturity. Goblin Egg Mix is truly a unique mixture of egg-shaped gourds. Unlike the typical egg-shaped gourd which is white, Goblin Egg Mix gives you a varied...

  • Koshare Yellow Banded Gourd

    Koshare Yellow Banded Gourd Seeds $3.95

    Cucurbita pepo  V-31183| 10 Seeds |   90-100 Days to Maturity. Koshare Yellow Banded is an exciting gourd with a unique appearance and a superior plant habit that allows for higher populations and a more...

  • Little Mix Gourd

    Little Mix Gourd Seeds $3.00

    Lagenaria siceraria "Small Mix"  V-2310| 30 Seeds |   80 Days to Maturity. The delightful bright colors and interesting varied shapes of this improved small fruited mixture will add a nice touch for fall...

  •  Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourd

    Shenot Crown of Thorns Gourd Seeds $2.95

    Cucurbita pepo  V-30083| 15 Seeds |   95 Days to Maturity. It's roughly round with ribs and curved "fingers" pointing to the blossom end. Plants produce a variety of striped and bicolor fruit with white,...

  • Small Formula Blend Gourd

    Small Formula Blend Gourd Seeds $2.95

    Cucurbita pepo  V-11483| 25 Seeds |   95 Days to Maturity. Small Formula Blend is a colorful blend or fancy small type gourds, with a few plain types mixed. Popular types like Spoon, Pear Bicolor and Shenot...

  • Speckled Swan Gourd

    Speckled Swan Gourd Seeds $3.15

    Lagenaria siceraria  V-3051.2| 25 Seeds |   125 Days to Maturity. This unique gourd is a hit with customers. The long necks curve gracefully and enlarge at the end to resemble a swan’s head. The bulbed...

  • Spoon Platoon Gourd

    Spoon Platoon Gourd Seeds $4.95

    Cucurbita pepo  V-31182| 10 Seeds |   90 Days to Maturity. Eye catching shape, and durability. Spoon-shaped gourds display rich, dark green and golden yellow colors, and fruit surfaces are smooth,...

  • Turks Turban Winter Squash-Gourd

    Turks Turban -Gourd Winter Squash Seeds-OP $3.95

    Cucurbita maxima V-3098| 30 Seeds |   95 Days to Maturity. Prominent blossom end button is striped silver, green, and white with a scarlet top that measures 7-9" across. Avg. 3-5 lb. This squash has also been called...