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Florific Sweet Orange New Guinea Impatiens Seeds


Florific Sweet Orange New Guinea Impatiens Seeds

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 Impatiens hawkerii

|15 Seeds|


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Florific New Guinea flower through the fall!  Light salmon to deep orange flowers.  Orange Cream is the first Bi-color New Guinea Impatiens available from seed.  This prize is a 2014 All American Delections Winner and also won a 2015 Fleuroselect Gold Medal. ( Europe's top prize )These plants come early and stay late, going from seed to bloom in just 3 to 4 months. Strongly branched and heavily budded, they cover ground beautifully, with a tight habit just 10 to 14 inches high (in bloom) and 12 to 15 inches wide.

 Florific™ is the best New Guinea Impatiens for your shady beds, edging, and containers. Better-branched and more dense than most others, it sets big blooms right above the foliage, giving you the most color per square inch! And it's 100% downy mildew resistant, never needs pinching during the growth process, and keeps the blooms coming all the way through fall in mild and warm climates!

New Guinea Impatiens Seeds are only viable for 7 months after harvest, so from October thru December you will need to pre-order as soon as possible so they can be shipped by March 2016. These seeds will not be any good to you after April.   Devine New Guinea are large flowered, high performers with excellent branching and vigor. They will bloom heavily throughout the season on mounded 10-14 inch plants.They need afternoon or filtered shade and moist soil. In the vast genus of impatiens, this particular species has been domesticated over the years to become a widely popular annual. Native to the tropics, they differ from their I. Wallerana cousins in leaf size and color, plant habit and bloom size and color. Plant habit is overall more vigorous and robust, with longer, strappy leaves whose color can vary between solid green to variegated, depending on variety. Plants are covered with extra large flowers with overlapping petals, giving a lush tropical appearance to the plants. If you want vegetative performance at seed prices…Divine is your solution. 15 seeds per package.

Flower Garden-Tips on Growing Impatiens From Seed 

New guinea impatiens from seed needs to be started indoors under warm conditions where the seedlings can develop strong and healthy root systems. Once established, they can be transplanted into packs or pots. After all danger of frost is past, they can be replanted in the greenhouse or outdoors into containers or hanging baskets, and are even suitable for garden beds. Most new guinea impatiens prefer partial shade

Start by filling your seed flats with a good seed-starting mix or formula that you should wet thoroughly. Scatter your seeds over the top of the seed tray and press down lightly. Do not cover seeds. Also when you water do so from the bottom of the tray as to not disturb the new seedlings. Our seeds are refined which improves the germination and uniformity

  • Sow indoors at 70-75° with NO cover as light aids in germination
  • For growing indoors, sow seeds at any time
  • For planting outside, sow seeds 12 weeks before last frost but It is not recommended to sow seeds outdoors
  • Expect germination in 15-20 days
  • If sowing seed outdoors, we recommend a maximum planting depth of 4X the width of the seed

 Transplanting: Transplant when there are at least two sets of true leaves.

Spacing: Plant out 12-15 inches apart in an acidic, rich, moist, well-drained soil in full to partial shade.

Soil: Fertilize regularly.

Temperature: Grow on at 65-75° days and 62-65° nights. Impatiens are very temperature sensitive: above 85° will cause plants to stretch, while below 60° will delay flowering and slow growth, and below 55° will cause chill injury. 
 Indoor planting: Site in full sun or bright light in a rich soil. remove dead flowers and leaves to tidy plants, pinch growth to increase branching and promote a tight habit, and do not allow plants to dry out.

With its vigorous habit and prolific flower display from summer to frost, it is used in borders, in bedding and edging situations, in planters and hanging baskets,

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