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Dianthus Seeds

Please see our Perennial Dianthus Seeds


Dianthus x barbatus, Dianthis deltoides, Dianthus gratianapolitanus, Dianthus interspecific,  Dianthus chinensis, Dianthus x superbus, Barbatus x Chinensis 

The diverse genus Dianthus includes  plants that range from alpine species to large cut flower types. Dianthus require full sun and sharp drainage. Most prefer neutral to alkaline soil, however a few are ok with acidic soil.

Dianthus is a genus of about 300 species of flowering plants in the family of Caryophullaceae, native mainly to Europ and Asia. Comman names to include Carnation D caryophllus and pink and sweet william D barbatus. A cottage garden is not complete without several types of Annual and Perennial Dianthus. Common name would be "Pinks".

  •  Dianthus Diana Lavendina

    Diana Lavendina Mix Dianthus Seeds $3.35

      Dianthus chinensis   | 50 Seeds Per Package   Soothing blend of Diana Blueberry, Lavender Picotee and White.China Pinks have been a  rare show in garden and containers, and with this...

  •  Dianthus Artic Fire-Maiden Pinks

    Dianthus Artic Fire-Maiden Pinks Seeds $2.50

      Dianthus deltoides  |50 Seeds|   This is a lovely, old fashioned favorite. Has a low spreading mat-like habit with pure white flowers with magenta ringed eyes. This is an ideal choice for edgings...

  • Dianthus Cheddar Pink- (Bath's Pink)

    Dianthus Cheddar Pink- (Bath's Pink) Seeds $2.75

      Dianthus gratianapolitanus (caesius)    |100 Seeds|   Dianthus 'Bath's Pink' is a stunning, wide-spreading ground cover with grassy, blue-green foliage and pink flowers. Use it to edge a...

  • Dianthus Chiba Crimson Picotee

    Dianthus Chiba Crimson Picotee Seeds $2.95

     Dianthus interspecific |25 Seeds|    The Chiba series is extra early flowering and has a compact, basal branching plant habit. The short and strong flower stems show clusters of well-rounded flowers. Chiba...

  •  Dianthus Diana Red Centered White

    Dianthus Diana Red Centered White Seeds $3.35

    Dianthus chinensis   | 50 Seeds Per Package   Diana Red Centered White Dianthus with Extra-large, 2 to 2-1/2 in. blooms dominate the 8-10 in. basal-branching plants, in a blaze of showy color...

  • Dianthus Floral Lace Mix

    Dianthus Floral Lace Mix Seeds $2.95

      Dianthus chinensis    | 25 Seeds Per Package   Named for their lacy serrated petals, these flowers reach up to 1.5" across, the largest of any D Hybrida series. Spreads up to 14" wide and...

  • Dianthus Ideal Select Mix

    Dianthus Ideal Select Mix Seeds $2.95

      Dianthus chinensis     | 50 Seeds Per Package     This series offers the best colors from the original Ideal series plus the White Fire. All have been selected for a well-matched...

  • Dianthus Jolt Pink

    Dianthus Jolt Pink Seeds $17.95

     Dianthus interspecific     | 100 Seeds Per Package|       Rose & pink bicolor dianthus.For those who like the Amazon series but want shorter plants for bedding and containers,...

  • Dianthus Supra Picotee Mix

    Dianthus Supra Picotee Mix Seeds OP $2.95

    Dianthus x superbus  |25 Seeds| Lacy, highly fringed 1/2 in. mixed flowers Heat tolerant and blooms prolifically throughout the season Upright, bouquet habit and can be cut and used in arrangements, colors ranging...

  • Dianthus Supra Purple

    Dianthus Supra Purple Seeds OP $3.50

      Dianthus x superbus  |25 Seeds|   Supra Purple will fill your garden space with color. This Dianthus is a cross between various species and the result is a strong plant that will flower under hot...

  • Dianthus Venti Parfait Crimson Eye

    Dianthus Venti Parfait Crimson Eye Seeds $3.95

    Barbatus x Chinensis  |50 Seeds|     Big bold flowers with crimson centers and pink edges that completely cover this naturally compact, mounded Dianthus. Venti Parfait™ Crimson Eye attracts...

  • Dianthus Wee Willie Mix

    Dianthus Wee Willie Mix Seeds $2.25

     Dianthus x barbatus  100 Seeds|     Wee WIllie is a fun and delightful, dwarf Dinathus.  Has a variety of bi-color blooms in many shades of pink, red and white. It's height is only 4-6...