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Dahlia Seeds

 Dahlia variabilis


Dahlias have become extremely diversified.Dahlias (Dahlia pinnata) are natives of central Mexico in the region of Mexico City. The early forms were mostly single flower types that grew on well-drained soils of volcanic origin. Because of their origin, dahlias require well-drained soils, fairly sunny locations, and, of course, proper fertilization and protection from pests. Dahlias provide one of the widest arrays of flower colors, sizes, and forms. Flower forms include daisy-like single types and fully double types with intermediate forms such as collarettes and anemone types. Dahlias come in nearly all flower colors except true blues. With centuries of hybridizing and selections. Dahlias are heavy feeders, so prepare the garden bed by spading or rototilling to a depth of as much as 8-10 inches. Working comport or manure into the garden will provide for a desirable slow release of nitrogen for dahlia growth. This is also a good time to work in a fertilizer such as 5-10-15 or 5-10-10. Apply it at about 2 pounds per hundred square feet. If soil tests indicate low pH, add lime (ground limestone) at this time also. Dahlias utilize large amounts of potash for root development, so add extra potassium if soil tests indicate low levels. Testing your garden soil is recommended procedure for dahlias and many other garden crops.


  • Dahlia Black Beauty

    Black Beauty Dahlia Seeds $3.95

      Dahlia variabilis |25 Seeds|       Black Beauty brings a whole new look Dahlias with its unique solid dark mahogany red flowers that actually appear black! Its unusual flower color and...

  • Dahlia Cactus Flowered Mix

    Cactus Flowered Mix Dahlia Seeds $2.95

    Dahlia variabilis   |40 Seeds|   This is a 4-5 foot tall plant that will produce large fully double and semi double flowers on a long stemmed stock. These Dahlia's have quilled and twisted petals. Excellent for...

  • Dahlia Diablo Mix

    Diablo Mix Dahlia Seeds $2.25

      Dahlia variabilis   |35 Seeds|    Full Double Flowers with dark bronze leaves make it an excellent choice for the garden. 15" in height in colors of carmine, orange, yellow and pink. If sowing...

  • Dahlia Figaro Mix

    Figaro Mix Dahlia Seeds $2.95

    Dahlia variabilis |40 Seeds|   This mix contains decorative types in a range of warm colors, including shades of yellow, orange, pink, and red. 14-16" with double blooms in colors of orange, red, violet, white...

  • Dahlia Figaro Orange Shades

    Figaro Orange Shades Dahlia Seeds $2.95

    Dahlia variabilis |40 Seeds|   Create a blaze of summer color with this classic, dwarf bedding dahlias that are 14-16" tall with double blooms in shades of Orange  Package (40 seeds).  Flower...

  • Dahlia Figaro Red Shades

    Figaro Red Shades Dahlia Seeds $2.95

    Dahlia variabilis      |40 Seeds|     . So much bloom power in so little space! 14-16" with Scarlet red semi double to double blooms.  Package (40 seeds).  Flower Garden...

  • Dahlia Figaro White

    Figaro White Dahlia Seeds $2.95

      Dahlia variabilis |40 Seeds|   Figaro is the best landscaping Dahlia because its 2 1/2-to 3-inch blooms are brilliantly-colored and abundant, jostling one another for position above fresh green...

  • Dahlia Figaro Yellow Shades

    Figaro Yellow Shades Dahlia Seeds $2.95

    Dahlia variabilis |40 Seeds|     Mighty bloom power on rugged, beautiful little 12- to 14-inch plants! Yellow shades of semi double to double blooms.  Package (40 seeds).  Flower Garden...

  • Dahlia Fireworks Mix

    Fireworks Mix Dahlia Seeds $3.95

     Dahlia variabilis |15 Seeds|     This wonderful Half-hardy annual is from Thompson & Morgans breeders, which is the first ever striped mix of Dahlias from seed. Magnificent dwarf and free flowering...