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Customer Testimonials

news6.jpgRead What Customers Say About 2B Seeds


sweetpea-side.jpg  Linda, I think your response about the new guy in shipping was tongue in cheek, but thanks for researching and responding. One of the reasons I quit buying from a POPULAR SEED CO was their lack of customer contact and response and price. I promote your company to all my seed growing friends around Ohio because of your quality of seeds and personal response to my concerns. Keep up the good work

Dave V. Ohio



sideimage4.jpgI wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased and impressed I was with your packaging, shipping, and instructions. I have been an avid gardener for years and ordered many vegetable seeds due to not being able to find particular varieties locally. None packaged their seeds as well - yours are packaged to last in the right climate. None gave as accurate information on the seed package. None can compare to your prices. Thank you - I am glad to have taken the chance and ordered from you. Keep up the good work!

S. Rutherford, Grove City, OH

butterfly.jpgI ordered seeds for various impatiens this past spring. I am happy to tell you that this is the first time that I have managed to succeed in starting these seeds indoors. I have tried impatiens seeds from various other catalog companies over the years and have failed. I was ready to give up. Your seeds were my last attempt. I will be back next year. Thank you.

J. Miller, Rural Henning, MN

sweetpea-side.jpgTo 2B Seeds: I was having a difficult time finding the Safari Yellow Marigold and the Lemon Gem Yellow Marigold from the places that I have traditionally ordered from before I discovered 2B seeds. Those sites either did not carry those varieties or their shipping cost was an astronomical figure. One business would have charged me over $8.00 to ship the four packets of seeds that I ordered from you.

I am very pleased with the colorful, resealable seed packages and the second envelope inside them that keeps the seeds from migrating to the four corners of the outer package. Your site is easy to search and even ordering was simple. Photos were clear and showed foliage as well as the flowers. Even quirks of a particular flower are mentioned so there will be no surprises. I am just so completely impressed! You are doing the right thing in allowing a customer to buy twenty packets of seeds or one packet, whatever we need. How else can we try out your products if we are not able to cautiously purchase just a few packets the first time we order?

L. Bornitz, Lennox, SD


mrsbee.gif  2BSeeds,I just wanted to stop for a minute and thank you for all that you have done for me.

I have always loved having a garden but the demands of work and other responsibilities consume so much time that there are limits to the time someone can spend in their garden. In August last year the company I worked for closed its doors for ever. So the foods that we got from our garden were more important than ever before. I normally have a limited fall garden - but with my time freed up - I decided to put in a large fall garden. That is when I first ordered from 2BSeeds. My order came promptly and I got to work.

It was great the way each seed packet had all the important information about the plant right on the package. All of the plants started off strong and kept on going strong. My friends and neighbors could not believe the bounty we got from our garden through Christmas and into January! We had fresh lettuce, spinach and radishes for Christmas dinner! Not to mention the fresh peppers onions and carrots in the stuffing. Simple grow tunnels kept the plants from feeling the winter air. We didn't have a hard frost until the end of January. By that time the deer had found the garden. They were also impressed with the quality of the plants - once they had tasted those lovely greens - there was no keeping them out. Even with an electric fence.

Here in Eastern Tennessee March is when you start working the soil for your spring garden. I am still out of work so money is tight. I had to wait to order my seeds until we had a few extra dollars. When I went to 2BSeeds to place my order I saw that 2BSeeds had an offer to help out those out of work with some free tomatoes seeds and a 40% discount coupon. This was very exciting because of my limited budget. If I could get a 40% discount on my seed purchase I could get all of the seeds I needed - not just the few I could afford.

I emailed 2BSeeds at to see if I qualified for the program. Linda wrote me back right away to let me know that I could use the discount program. I felt truly blessed. The discount allowed me to receive $90 worth of the best quality seeds for only $50!

There are a lot of people talking about helping their fellow man in today's hard times. But 2BSeeds is ACTUALLY doing something about it. THANK YOU SO MUCH 2BSEEDS!!!

You have earned a loyal customer for life!

Jerry Henricks, Russellville, TN

mrbee.gifDear 2BSeeds, I recently placed and received my first ever order from your company. Since it was my first order from your company, I placed just a small order.

I have not yet 'opened' any seed packets, since my seed starting on my 'winterized' 3 season porch which I convert into a full seed starting 'greenhouse' each March, will start next week. (I generally grow around 2000 annuals from seed each season for planting in my gardens in my Plymouth, MN home. But, I have inventoried this first order. I am extremely pleased with the seed packets themselves.  For years now I have ordered seeds from many companies for my seed-starting hobby/obsession.  More often that not the seed packets themselves contain very little valuable information as to the seed starting requirements for the individual seed type, and few if any have ever contained images of the flowers.  Over the years I had made a habit of taking detailed notes on every seed packet I ordered, complete with keeping photoshop documents with images of the flowers that I cut and paste from the website for the seed vendor and then attach to the seed packet upon arrival.  That way when my seeds arrived, I did not have to go back to the original site to find germination information, growing details, and flower pictures.

Well, much to my delight and surprise, your seed packets contain all this information - pictures included!  I am impressed.  Kudos to your company.  I can only hope the seeds themselves will be as top quality as the packets they arrived in.

Thank you, T. Grady, Plymouth, MN

annualsbutton1c.jpgI have ordered 3 times from you and each time I have been positively impressed with the seed quality. Thank you so much for your seeds, and your service. - S.M., Georgia

azrsgaillardiasm.jpg I recently placed a small order for lettuce from you, the order was sent out immediately because I received it with a few days, so I dampened a couple of coffee filters and sprinkled a few seeds in the filter. When I checked on them yesterday, (3 days later) to make sure they were not drying out...they had already sprouted. I had about 98% germination rate. Usually I do not get this high of germ from other companies that I have ordered from in the past. I will be ordering more from you. Thank you. - J.D., Oregon

appleciderpansysm.jpg I have been a customer for 3 years now, and have never been disappointed with the seed or service. I like the way that your office emails us when there is a back-order and letting me know that something on my order will be mailed at a certain date, but the rest of the order has been shipped.  The tomato seeds that I planted are doing better than the plants that I bought at a local nursery. I also like whenever I have a garden question, you are eager to help and always send me helpful information, Thanks for the great advice! - J.A.F., Maine

blendablesflirtinism.jpgThis is my first year ordering from you and was very pleased with everything that I ordered. My seeds were shipped promptly, and I love your packaging. Your selection is good and prices are competitive. I also really like your on-line catalog. - R.T., California

perennialsbutton1.jpgI ordered seeds from you last Wednesday and I went to the mailbox today Monday and there were my seeds. What a fantastic job!!!!! I will definitely be ordering from you again. - Y.D., Florida

beepollination2.jpgI live in California, not far from the coast, so my overcast summer microclimate is very similar to the cooler short seasons in other parts of the country. Everything that I bought from you has germinated almost at 100%, and is doing wonderful in my garden. You have great seeds. I like the fact that you do not buy in bulk and pack ahead for the next year. Meaning that we will always have fresh seed. I also rely on the intensive cultural knowledge that the owners have, and are always willing to answer my questions, either by email or phone. - G.B., California

chloecosmossmall.jpgI just wanted to thank you for your superior seeds. I will admit that my order took about 2 weeks to receive and I was a bit upset, until you emailed me back and explained that you were waiting for a new crop to come in, after looking back into my spam email I did see that you did in fact email me to let me know about this seed coming in at a later date, and then you had to test it. But now that I have sown the seeds, I am so happy with your seeds and will continue to be a loyal customer. - K.W., New Mexico

cosmoschumssmall.jpgI want to thank you for your customer service. I had ordered 2 different orders, one to be mailed now and the next one in the fall.  I promptly sowed my seeds from my first order, which germinated quickly and abundantly. I was in a car accident and when it came time to harvest the tomatoes from my first planting, my neighbors came in and picked the fruits for me, but I had e-mailed you and asked you to cancel my second order. The next morning I got up and there was an answer to my email. Not only did you respond so quickly to my request but you so kindly expressed your concern for me- you treated me as a friend, not so common in today's business world. I am a customer for life. Thanks Again. - M.E., Virginia

cucumbercalsmall.jpg You have the best germination of any mail order company that I have ever ordered from. Keep up the great standards. - I.S.E., Nevada

greenbeanguyssmall.jpgThis is my second year that I have ordered from you and each year I am so happy that I purchased from you instead of any other company. I love your thought in how you use your real seal able package. My husband uses the packaging for nuts and bolts and things. I had about 97% germination rate. I will order again in the spring. - S.G., South Carolina

pumpkinpatricksmall.jpgI love your web-site and the ease that I had in ordering. I ordered a lot of vegetable seeds and I must say, these are the best that I have ever received from anyone, Keep up your great work in the selection of your seeds. - G.T., Texas

morningglorymarysmall.jpg I have been buying seeds in the past from other companies, well you have won me over, not only is your packaging superior to anyone, your seeds germinate better than anyone. I will be a long time customer. Thank you 2BSeeds. - R.H., North Carolina

nasturtiumnancysmall.jpgI ordered from you last fall, and one of my Petunia varieties did not germinate well, I emailed you and explained my problem, you immediately offered either a replacement for the seeds or my money back.  Thank you for honoring your guarantee, and quick resolve. I will be ordering in the fall again. - B.E., Arizona

racerradishsmall.jpgI just wanted to say how much I like your package, and that the seeds are in another container within the larger envelope. I also really like your web-site and found it very easy to use. I will email you back once I have sown the seeds. Thanks. - C.N., Illinois

tomatotomsmall.jpgYour selection is great.. I can look at your site with your pictures and associate the varieties with what I have seen at our local garden center. Some sites have names of plants that I do not recognize, I do not know if they are old varieties or just some name that was picked out of a hat. I wanted you to know that all of my seeds have grown into wonderful vegetables and flowers. That in itself is why I enjoy gardening so much. - A.C., Kentucky

milomarigoldsmall.jpgLast year I ordered lots and lots of seeds, this was the first time that I have ever bought from someone that I hadn't bought one thing to test first.  I am so glad that I found you. I really like the information that you sent with the orders, very informative and accurate. - G.A., Maine

goblineggsmixgourdsm.jpg I just stumbled onto your site as I was looking for a particular type of plant. I was really excited going through your pages. I like your pictures, it looks like they were just taken for your site, not purchased or staged. If I were to make any suggestions, it would be maybe larger pictures on the front page of each type of plant, like Petunias, Pansy's, etc. The pictures are so nice it would be helpful if they were larger to enjoy and catch your eye the first time through. - M.G., Alabama

geraniumsalmonsm.jpg I am so pleased with your company, my seeds arrived in a timely manner and the packaging is very attractive. My two young children and I enjoyed planting the seeds. We have since enjoyed watching the seeds become beautiful and large vegetable plants. - J.B., Nebraska

zinniazowieyellowflamesmall.jpg Linda & Dan, We work with several seed distributors in the spring and this is our first experience with 2B.  It has been a pleasure to work with you.  You list a phone number on your website so that we can call in our order.  You have someone available to answer the phone and your response was prompt.  You had the item in stock.  Your price was reasonable.  You shipped it to us promptly.  You seem to care about your customers.  These are important factors for us because this is a very busy time of the year and it is time consuming for us to reorder because of backorders or because we are trying contact someone.  Good luck with your business. - George