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Coral Bells Ruby Bells Heuchera Seeds


Coral Bells Ruby Bells Heuchera Seeds

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Heuchera sanguinea


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Coral bells are very hardy and are well suited for perennial borders and rock gardens. Flowers are an intense red on top of a 16" plant .  3 to 8 Height: 2 ft Spread: 1 ft Type: herbaceous perennial Flowers: Red, pink, white Comments: Spikes of coral colored bell-shaped flowers give the plant its name. They grow best in well-drained soil but dislike clay. The plants are up to two feet tall when in bloom. If the old flowers are removed, a fall display of bloom may occur. Remove and replace old plants when the crowns get old and perform poorly. A winter mulch prevents heaving. Propagation: Methods of propagation include seed, division and leaf cuttings. Leaf cuttings are taken in late fall and consist of the entire leaf plus a short segment of the petiole. Division is the best method and is done in spring.

 USDA Zone 3-9.


 How to Grow Heuchera-Coral Bells From Seeds



  • Seeds, however, require at least a six-week cold period prior to planting.

  • An ideal growing medium for heuchera seeds is an equal amount of a good seed starter mix and vermiculite or perlite.

  • Moisten the soil mix until it is damp but not wet. Heucheras will not thrive in a heavy, wet growing medium.

  • For best results, press into soil but do not cover. Heuchera seeds need light to germinate, so all you need to do is to spray the surface lightly with water. Keep at 65-70° F

  • Each little seed pod has a TON of seeds, so be careful and don’t overplant… you do not want to end up with thousands of little seedlings.

  • Put seed trays under plastic domes, and keep close under lights. Mist occasionally to keep surface moist.. Don’t let the germinating seeds and soil dry out… if necessary, mist occasionally to keep the surface moist.

  • Expect germination in 21-30 days.

  • As soon as the seedlings appear, remove the plastic bag and start watering the trays from the bottom.

  • Heuchera seedlings develop a long center root at a very young age, so they should be transplanted for the first time as soon as the seedlings have grown a second set of leaves.

  • As the seedlings grow, transplant them to larger containers as you would with any other seedling. 

  • Heavy soils are death to heuchera seedlings at any stage.

  •  It is recommend that a Winter mulch be used for Heuchera (Coral Bells) for the coldest parts of their growing zones.

  • Plant outdoors after a week or so of "hardening off" on your deck or patio. They get fairly bushy the first year, but really take off their second year.

  • Collect Coral bells seeds after blooming is completed. Allow the seed pods--located at the base of the blossoms--to dry on the plant, and then remove them and collect the seeds.

  • Cold-stratify the seeds by placing them in a brown paper bag with moist vermiculite and storing them in the refrigerator for 6 weeks, a process that ensures more effective germination. Fertilize the seedlings a week after transplanting with a water-soluble, all-purpose fertilizer, and repeat every four months in the growing season. Keep watered and weeded for the rest of the summer. If your coral bells don't bloom the first year, they probably will by the second.

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