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Cabbage Seeds

Brassica - oleracea

Cabbage is easy to grow and delicious to eat either fresh or cooked. Cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin C, it is useful in dishes from many ethnic traditions.Give Cabbage the right sort of attention to insure that it grows correctly and you will be rewarded as one of the best parts of your Garden. Cabbage is a cool-season vegetable suited to both spring and fall. The trick to growing cabbage is steady, uninterrupted growth. That means rich soil, plenty of water, and good fertilization. Set out new spring plants early enough so that they can mature before the heat of summer, about 4 weeks before the last frost. Plant 2 or 3 varieties with different maturities for a longer harvest. You can also plant through black plastic to help warm the soil in spring. Plant fall cabbage 6 to 8 weeks before the first frost. Growing plants that have been exposed to cool weather become “hardened” and are tolerant of frost. Cabbage that matures in cool weather is deliciously sweet. Cabbage is easy to transplant. Set plants so that 1-2″ of the main stem is buried. Cabbage demands even moisture to produce good heads. Mulch with compost, finely ground leaves, or finely ground bark to keep the soil cool and moist and to keep down weeds. Water regularly, applying 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week if it doesn’t rain. You can measure the amount of water with a rain gauge left in the garden.

  • Early Round Dutch Cabbage

    Early Round Dutch Cabbage Seeds-OP $2.95

     Brassica oleracea Item #V-2085 | 200 Seeds | Price: $2.95 70-85 Days to Maturity. Early round Dutch has solid uniform, oval heads that weigh 2-5 lbs. Small, short-stemmed, short core, perfect shaped...

  • Golden Acre Cabbage

    Golden Acre Cabbage Seeds-OP $2.95

     Brassica oleracea Item #V-2090 | 200 Seeds | Price: $2.95-OP 65 Days to Maturity. Nice compact plant with a good, mellow cabbage taste. Golden Acre is an excellent early summer variety ball head...

  • Gonzales Cabbage

    Gonzales Cabbage Seeds - Sold Out $3.95

     Brassica oleracea Item #V-2080 | 100 Seeds | Price: $3.95 55 Days to Maturity. The Perfect Mini-Cabbage with a Sweet-Crunchy Flavor. Gonzales was the earliest to make dense, uniform, sweetly spicy mini...

  • Michihili Chinese Cabbage

    Michihili Chinese Cabbage Seeds-OP $2.50

    Brassica rapa Item #V-1355 | 75 Seeds 55-100 Days to harvest. Michihili is an Open Pollinated Chinese cabbage. Its light green leaves are tender and delicious, ideal for stir fries and pickling,...

  • Organic Cabbage Seeds, Red Express

    Organic Red Express- Cabbage Seeds OP $3.95

    Brassica rapa var pekinensisItem #OG-1360 | 100 Seeds|OP 60-65 Days to Maturity. Round 2-4 lb. heads from a solid and compact frame with few outer leaves. This early organic cabbage seed variety is relatively...

  • Organic Cabbage Seeds, Nikko

    Organic Nikko F1 Chinese Cabbage Seeds $3.25

    Brassica rapa var pekinensisItem #OG-1350 | 75 Seeds This organic Chinese cabbage seed variety will be early to mature for summer and fall crops. One of very consistent producers of tight, nice barrel-shaped...

  • Pacifiko YR Chinese Cabbage

    Pacifiko YR Chinese Cabbage Seeds $2.50

     Brassica rapa Pekinensis Group Item #V-2070 | 150 Seeds | Price: $3.25 60-110 Days to Maturity. Pacifiko Chinese cabbage originating near the Beijing region of China, and is widely used in East Asian cuisine. In much...

  • Rubicon Chinese Cabbage

    Rubicon Chinese Cabbage Seeds $3.50

    Brassica rapa Item #V-2455 | 100 Seeds Full size for cooking and kimchee. This is a firm, 11" tall heads weigh 5 1/2-6 1/2 lb. Blemish-free, deep-green leaves and broad, white ribs with a creamy yellow,...

  • Ruby Perfection Cabbage

    Ruby Perfection Cabbage Seeds $3.95

     Brassica oleracea Item #V-2095 | 100 Seeds | Price: $3.95-OP 85 Days to Maturity. The No. 1 mid-late red cabbage. The heads are medium-sized and dense with a uniform high-round shape and good wrapper leaves...

  • Savoy Alcosa Cabbage

    Savoy Alcosa Cabbage Seeds $3.95

     Brassica oleracea Item #V-2100 | 100 Seeds | Price: $3.95 55 Days to Maturity. Savoy cabbage have smaller heads than other types with crinkled leaves. Great choice for smaller gardens. Early producer of...