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Broccoli Seeds

Brassica - oleracea (Botrytis Group)

You either love Broccoli or you do not! Lately, however people who don't love Broccoli have found good reasons to like it. Recent research is showing that Broccoli contains large amounts of Sulforaphane, which is a compound that can help prevent some types of cancer.

Powerful phytonutrients in this vegetable have been studied for their positive effects against cancer, stomach health, strong bones, cataract prevention and the list goes on and on. Many researchers have recommended that Brocolli and other cruciferous vegetables be included in your weekly diet. 

  • Destiny Broccoli

    Destiny Broccoli Seeds $2.95

    Brassica oleracea    Item #V-2050 | 200 Seeds | Price: $2.95   68 Days to Maturity. Good heat tolerance and holding ability make Destiny a winner for either spring or fall plantings. Vigorous but uniform...

  • Early Fall Rapini Broccoli Raab

    Early Fall Rapini - Raab Broccoli Seeds $2.95

    Brassica rapa Ruvo Group    Item #V-2059.2 | 200 Seeds |    45-55 Days from setting out transplants to Maturity. In spite of its appearance and it's common name of "broccoli raab," this...

  • Green Magic Broccoli

    Green Magic Broccoli Seeds $2.95

    Brassica oleracea    Item #V-2059 | 50 Seeds | Price: $2.95   57 Days from setting out transplants to Maturity. This uniform, dependable blue-green beauty is beloved in gardens across the country,...

  • Gypsy Broccoli

    Gypsy Broccoli Seeds $3.95

    Brassica oleracea    Item #V-2060 |100 Seeds | Price: $3.95   58 Days to Maturity. Gypsy's heads are well-domed and uniform with a medium-small bead size and medium-sized stem. Large, healthy plants have...

  • Italian Green Sprouting Broccoli

    Italian Green Sprouting Broccoli Seeds $1.95

    Brassica oleracea  OP  Item #V-2055 | 250 Seeds | Price: $1.95   60-80 Days to Maturity. Originally Green Sprouting Broccoli is thought to have been introduced into Western vegetable gardens by Italian...

  • Lieutenant Broccoli

    Lieutenant Broccoli Seeds $2.95

    Brassica oleracea    Item #V-2058 | 50 Seeds | Price: $2.95   80 Days from setting out to Maturity. If you like Packman, you’ll like Lieutenant Broccoli. Heads offer classic flavor and all...

  • Organic Broccoli Seeds, Belstar

    Organic Belstar F1 Broccoli Seeds $3.95

    Brassica oleracea - italica groupItem #OG-1330 | 50 Seeds Belstar organic broccoli seeds are the most widely adapted organic hybrid, which has performed best for the spring and fall productions, however has still...

  • Organic Broccoli Seeds, De Cicco

    Organic De Cicco Broccoli Seeds -OP $2.95

    Brassica oleracea - italica groupItem #OG-1340 | 100 Seeds This is a very traditional organic broccoli seed variety that produces a small 3 - 4" main head that projects well above the foliage, followed by a large...

  • Waltham 29 Heirloom Broccoli

    Waltham 29 Heirloom Broccoli Seeds-OP $2.25

    Brassica oleracea  OP  Item #V-1055 | 250 Seeds | Price: $2.95   70 Days to Maturity. Organically grown. Waltham is a great cool-climate Broccoli variety that produces nice, medium-sized heads and a...