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Need Help for your Vegetable Garden

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Growing a garden is a wonderful idea, especially with the thoughts of your garden are full of vegetables or flowers or maybe even herbs, but not so excited about pulling weeds, applying fertilizer or pesticides.  Or how about how almost every part of your body that hurts when the excitement of That Garden is over, that especially happens when your plants do not grow as you had hoped, or the digging, or your hard work under the hot sun.  Here are some tips that might help you to ease the pains and re-energize you for the satisfaction of your Garden.

Weeds Know- You Need to Know:

First of all don't wait until the weeds are established before you start taking care of them.  Know how to identify your weeds from the moment they pop their head up through the soil. The younger they are when you eliminate them the easier they will be able to control. So just cultivate or rake lightly the top crust of the soil bed, which should kill most of the just sprouting weeds. Another Great control is to never allow the soil to be bare.

Plant a living mulch. A living mulch is a cover crop inter-planted or under-sown with a main crop, and intended to serve the purposes of a mulch, such as weed suppression and regulation of soil temperature, thus depriving the weeds of a favorable condition that they need to germinate and grow.

And please do not ever allow the weeds to flower and set seed in or anywhere close to the garden. If you follow these ideas your weeding will become less and less over time and you will enjoy more time growing.

Go Organic as Much as You Can:

The main key to start going to organic gardening is to first improve your soil through the addition of composted organic matter. As they say- healthy soil promotes healthy plants that will be resistant to problems with insects. If you do end up having problems with insects, there are many natural methods and products that are safe to use. You can purchase a good book on organic gardening and then you are on your way.

Raised Beds Are Best:

I noticed in my novice years in Gardening that everyone that had Raised Beds, always had a better Garden. So if you haven't taken the time to convert your ground level garden to a raised bed, now would be the perfect time to increase your productivity with your new bed. Raised beds will maximize your growing space and will provide a gardening environment that your plants will thrive in. It will not be difficult to raise your plants in wide areas -blocks rather than rows on the ground. What is most important is that you are not wasting any space and your plants will be healthier as well.

You will see that in a raised bed your efforts to achieve loose, fertile soil is easier to maintain and prepare your plants for. You can put away your tiller and enjoy an easier way to garden. It does not matter what type of plants you enjoy or like to grow, they should be more productive when grown in your new Raised Garden Bed. 

Stretch Your Garden Season:

Fall Gardening is actually easier than growing during the summer months. You will find less insects and less weed growth and less watering. Their are many Fall Crops that will extend your growing season. The next article I will give you some crops that you will enjoy growing.

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