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 A Family Owned Business Since 1995.

  5 Generations of Family Greenhouse Growers Since 1870.

The 2B’s reflect Bees and Butterflies. Seeds are for the production of nectar and food for these pollinators. Bees play such a vital role in just about one out of three bites of food that we take, this would include nuts, berries, other fruits and vegetables. In 2005 when 2BSeeds was developed, we wanted to help insure that there would be more production for these beneficial insects. By growing bee friendly flowers you are making your contribution to the need of feeding.

2BSeeds is quickly becoming a leading seed supplier for home gardens.  All of our seed packets are hand filled, not using any automated machines in the filling process, and work very hard to do our best in maintaining seed quality.  2BSeeds guarantees that the majority of our seeds are fresh and viable to a percentage of at least 70%, if at times we will over pack to insure that you have a good harvest.  Our stock is always stored in a temperature controlled environment. 

We at 2BSeeds pledge that we do not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. We do offer many open-pollinated,F1 hybrid, Heirloom, AAS and FSM Winners that were selected for their outstanding performance in nationwide trials and evaluations. Our product lines at 2BSeeds offer you  untreated as well as a few vegetable treated seed varieties. The seeds that we sell are produced  by traditional open pollinated and cross-breeding methods. Throughout our site, you will see listed past and present All-America Selections Winners. The AAS Winners have been selected annually since 1932 based on actual performance of new, unsold flowers and vegetables at official test sites across the country. There are four trial categories: Flower Trial, Bedding Plant Trial, Cool Season Bedding Plant Trial and Vegetable Trial. Entries with the highest scores are then considered for introduction. Prior to introduction, each variety must meet several criteria to prove superior to those already on the market. When you choose an AAS Winner, you can be assured of the best performer locally and nationally. When packing our seeds, the majority are actually done by hand  and we often over-pack them, so you're receiving more than the stated quantity. We conduct our own germination testing and have quality-control measures in every stage of our seed-handling operation. And many of our seeds are packed in our exclusive Fresh-Pak gold foil packets, which are lined to keep moisture out, so the seeds stay fresher for longer. Our on-staff horticulturists are ready and available to share their expertise to help you with the success of these seeds, so you can grow a beautiful and productive garden!

The Roots of 2B Seeds Horticulture Supplies and Services 

Starting in 1870 in Golden Valley, MN, the Busch family were pioneers in what has evolved into today's world of hothouse tomatoes and vegetables for the local market. Over the years they expanded into growing bulbs, fresh cut flowers and bedding plants from private selections and genetics.
The Busch Greenhouses were moved from Lyndale Avenue in Minneapolis to Golden Valley in 1915 and became Busch Brothers, under the operation of sons Fred, Bernard and Bill. They continued to grow vegetables until after the elder Fred's death in 1927. A gradual conversion to flowers was made, and the firm specialized in carnations for many years. Quality pot plants were produced later. They custom built a series of galvanized steel greenhouses in the 1940s.
The third generation Busch was President of the American Carnation Society and chaired the committee which hosted their 1957 international convention, which was held in Minneapolis. The fourth generation continued growing and testing new varieties and expanded the business with new crops.
The Buschs are a well established family in Minnesota and Colorado.


2B Seeds Today
We are the fifth generation of Buschs to grow vegetables, flowers and herbs. We have since developed the 2BSeeds Company. Our statement was to ensure that all home gardeners could have the same quality of seeds that professional growers have enjoyed for years. 2B Seeds' is a family business,even with grand-children enjoying the "Love of the Seed". Dan Busch-one of the family members, has been a grower for over 40 years, and has served as the President of Colorado Greenhouse Growers Association. We strongly believe that the best gardening results start from the best beginnings, and that is what we are making available to you, our customer. Our primary focus is to ensure that you are successful in your plantings with quality seeds. In addition to selecting only the very best seed available we have some of our seed in the following detail:

  • OP =Open Pollinated , Simply it means that plants breed and produce seed by natural processes. It is a sign of the quality and vigor of a seed to grow well unaided. For several thousand years farmers have carefully guided this natural process, selecting the most desirable plants and collecting their for the next year, and passing on the best varieties,  often the most valued. From their work we can now have a wide variety of food plants that have prospered over generations of gardeners and climatic conditions, each with its own unique qualities. We offer the highest quality seed that is available. All open pollinated seeds are not Heirloom.

  • HL = Heirloom , Generally, heirloom plants are grown on a small scale using traditional techniques, and are raised from varieties that are at least 50 years old. All Heirlooms are Open Pollinated and over time growers save the seeds of their best plants—whether those are the most vigorous, disease resistant, flavorful, or beautiful. With unique shapes, sizes, and colors, heirloom plants often look different from commercial hybrids, which make up the bulk of supermarket fruits and vegetables.

  • F1 = Hybrids, Hybrids have a lot of value, most especially to beginners and those in short season climates and or areas with cool nights. They are bred with the best traits of  2 parents. One parent could have more vigor and the other have exceptional flavor. While it is true that hybrids do not leave seed true to the plant it came from, all seeds have their own value.
  • D=Detailed seed, tip of seed is trimmed for easier ability to sow.

  • P=Pelleted seed, because some seed is so fine, we offer some of our seeds in pelleted form. Each seed is coated with an inert substance, enlarging it enough to be seen and to be sown easily.

  • MP=Multi-pelleted seed, Coated seed with 4-7 seeds per pellet.

  • HE=High Energy seeds, Selected for the highest germination rate.

  • T=Treated seed, A treated seed is no different than giving a child a vaccination shot when they are young, the seed is given a protected cover to insure higher germination rate once it is planted in the soil, which soil contains many bacterias and fungi. If the seed is not treated the conditions in the soil can lower the germination rate or destroy the young seedling.

You can trust that our seeds and growing knowledge are backed by years of experience.

The Folks Behind 2B Seeds!