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Wolf F1 Pumpkin Seeds

Cucurbita pepo
Item #V-2612 | 10 Seeds | Price: $4.25
This pumpkin is known for its large handles. Will produce the most incredible handle you have ever seen. Wolf pumpkin seeds produce 15 to 25 lb fruit, round to oblate shaped with a deep orange color, moderate ribs, and a very thick, long firmly attached handle (stem). The flesh thickness is excellent which will help prevent flat sides and also makes it very heavy for their size. The produce will have a range of sizes and shapes, however all will have the trademark handle. One thing to know with this variety is that it is a large and vigorous vine. The breeder recommends that the gardener plans for a final area of at least 6 feet in the row, and with 12 feet between each row. If you have very fertile soil you should lengthen the in row spacing to 8 feet. Crowding the spacing for this variety will decrease its size and yield. This is also a late maturer, so plant your Wolf pumpkins as soon as possible and sow your seed earlier than other pumpkins. (10 seeds per package)
Wolf F1 Pumpkin Seeds

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