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Seed Racks from 2B Seeds

Seed Rack Displays

Seed Rack Displays for Retailers & Resellers from 2B Seeds.

Need Quality seeds in your retail store? 2B Seeds has emerged from four generations of professional and commercial growers. Starting in 1919 in Golden Valley, MN we were pioneers in what has evolved into today’s world of hothouse tomatoes and vegetables for the local market. Over the years we expanded into growing bulbs, fresh cut flowers and bedding plants from private selections and genetics.

We strongly believe that the best-ended products start from the best beginnings, and that is what we are making available to you, our customer. Our primary focus is to insure that you are successful in your plantings with quality seeds. We at 2B Seeds offer many F1 hybrid varieties as well as AAS and FSM winners that were selected for their outstanding performance in nation wide trials and evaluations. In addition to selecting only the very best seed available we package our seeds in reusable self sealing envelopes.

For garden centers, flower shops, and other retail, we now offer 2 sizes of standup seed rack displays for your business.

Seed Racks from 2B Seeds We can fill your order with our most popular varieties or you may select your own from our list.

We have the best quality seeds available. We are currently available in the United States only.

Customers will love our seeds; happy customers will bring higher profits to your store.

Professional foil packs with resealable closures.

If you are interested in our rack program for your store please call Thomas at 1-800-865-4340.

Contact us at: 1-800-833-5988 for displays for your retail establishment.

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