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Milo Marigold Seeds

Milo Marigold Seeds

Item #KG-4010 | 50 Seeds | Price: $2.50
For Kids Who Garden,
Hi there! I'm Milo Marigold and if you like lions, I'm the plant for you. My flowers look like little lion heads. Can you hear a roar? Maybe you will if you plant marigold seeds.

Marigolds need to be planted in a place in the yard that gets sun for at least part of the day. Sow marigold seeds after the last danger of frost is over in your town. Ask a grownup gardener when the freezing weather is over. Don't forget to give us water after you plant our seeds. Marigold seeds are thirsty.

You'll get 50 marigold seeds in each package. Be patient after planting, and soon you'll see green sprouts shooting up from the ground. We grow to be about 1 foot tall and get lots and lots of flowers on each plant. To get the most blooms from each plant, remove old flowers that have turned brown by pinching them off with your fingers. That really helps us stay healthy and strong.

Does your family or school have a vegetable garden? If you plant marigolds along with the vegetables, we will help to keep bugs away. Marigolds also look nice when you put them in a vase on your kitchen table. Why not surprise a special friend with a bouquet of marigolds that you grew yourself, in your very own yard?

When I was just a little bud, my mother told me that marigolds have the most fun when they are planted by gardening kids. I hope we can be buddies this year!

Your Friend,
Milo Marigold

Attention Kids, Teachers & Parents: Do you have gardening questions? Ask the Gardener for free, professional gardening advice. Every question is important to us and we want to hear from you!

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