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Gardeners' Kitchen Tools

Electric Garlic Roaster Electric Garlic Roaster
If you are a garlic lover - for its health and/or taste properties, but can't stomach the raw stuff, then we cannot recommend this highly enough!
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Item #GH-6005 | Price: $49.95

Lotus Produce Sanitizing System Lotus Produce Sanitizing System
We love this thing and use it almost every day. We feel good about the fact that this removes all the pesticides and kills all the bacteria on our produce.
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Item #GH-6000 | Price: $220.35

Fresh Herb Keeper Fresh Herb Keeper
I bought this with the hopes of extending the life of my herbs just a little longer, and I'm not disappointed. My herbs last at least three times longer with no difference in taste nor texture.
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Item #GH-6010 | Price: $16.95

Bean Frencher Slicer Bean Frencher Slicer
I just recently purchased the Bean Frencher and it works better than anything else I've tried using.
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Item #GH-6015 | Price: $27.95

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