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Heuchera Coral Bells Seeds

Heuchera Coral Bells Ruby Bells Seeds Heuchera Coral Bells Ruby Bells Seeds
Coral bells are very hardy and are well suited for perennial borders and rock gardens.
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Item #P-4611 | 100 Seeds | Price: $2.25

Tips on How to Grow Heuchera-Coral Bells

Hardiness Zones: 3 to 8 Height: 2 ft Spread: 1 ft Type: herbaceous perennial Flowers: Red, pink, white Comments: Spikes of coral colored bell-shaped flowers give the plant its name. They grow best in well-drained soil but dislike clay. The plants are up to two feet tall when in bloom. If the old flowers are removed, a fall display of bloom may occur. Remove and replace old plants when the crowns get old and perform poorly. A winter mulch prevents heaving. Propagation: Methods of propagation include seed, division and leaf cuttings. Leaf cuttings are taken in late fall and consist of the entire leaf plus a short segment of the petiole. Division is the best method and is done in spring. The seed germinates in 3 weeks at 65 to 75 degrees. Do not cover the seed with soil and four weeks of pre-chilling may help germination. These are difficult to Germinate for the novice grower. Be patient and make sure temperature Is accurate and pre-chilling will help these stubborn seeds.

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