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Flamingo Purple Celosia Seeds

Celosia spicata
Item #A-152 | 100 Seeds | Price: $2.50
Purple feathery plumes on dark red stems and leaves. A unique cut flower with feathery plumes strongly branched on erect stems. For best results grow in warm conditions. Perfect for fresh and dried arrangements. Packet (100 seeds).
Flamingo Purple Celosia Seeds

Flower Garden - Tips on Growing Celosia Flamingo Purple From Seeds (Cockscomb)

80-85 Days to Flower

Excellent cut flower, fresh or dried with 7-8" plumes on 12-14" plants. Colors to include warm shades of yellow, gold, crimson and red. Used for large outdoor plantings and for cut flowers. Dramatic in the garden.


  • Sow Celosia Seeds 6-8 weeks before last frost.
  • Days to Germinate = 11-14 days at 70F (21)C.
  • Do Not cover seed, as light aides in germination.


  • Outdoors only after any danger of frost, spacing 5-8" apart.
  • OR DIRECT SOW After all danger of frost is over.


Celosia are sensitive to cold temperatures and cold water, so avoid chilling young plants or disturbing their roots while you use any garden tool. Cut flowers can be dried as bouquets. They like full sun and moist, fertile soil. Best used for borders, containers or fresh or dried cut flowers.

USDA Hardiness Zone -First Frost Date- Last Frost Date

  • Zone 1 -July 15th -June 15th
  • Zone 2 -August 15th- May 15th
  • Zone 3 -September 15th May 15th
  • Zone 4 -September 15th May 15th
  • Zone 5 -October 15th April 15th
  • Zone 6 -October 15th April 15th
  • Zone 7 -October 15th April 15th
  • Zone 8 -November 15th March 15th
  • Zone 9 -December 15th February 15th
  • Zone 10 -December 15th January 31st (sometimes earlier)
  • Zone 11 -No frost. No frost.

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